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So, you want to start a blog but don’t know what to blog about. Well in this guide I will show you all of the most popular types of blogs that are out there on the internet. Blogging is something that can be very rewarding if you are truly committed to it and absolutely love what you’re writing about. However, getting started and staying focused on a particular subject is something of a challenge to a lot of individuals in the beginning.

I can certainly give you a boost by helping you narrow down your choice of subject matter and focus. To do that, we’ll answer a common question:

I’ve compiled a list of 5 popular blog types and a little bit of information on each one so that you can determine which one is the best fit for what you want to accomplish.

Starting a blog has never been easier. There are loads of user-friendly blogging platforms to choose from.

Food and Recipe Blogs

Besides providing nutrition, food is one of the world’s most popular pastimes. Those who enjoy gourmet cooking, eating healthy, fine dining or simply trying out new recipes will find an excellent outlet for their passions by writing a food blog.

These types of blogs can take in a broad range of subjects that match up with local cuisine or explore that which is more exotic for a unique dining experience. But dining and eating out is not always the focus. Many food blogs concentrate on various types of recipes and cooking as well, including:

• Baking.
• Cultural cuisine.
• Diet and health-focused recipes.
• Party and holiday cooking.

The most successful food blog tend to have found a particular niche and establish the authority of the author as an expert in that particular type of cuisine.

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Travel Blogging

Everyone likes to get away to new and exciting destinations. Regardless of whether they are retired and exploring the world, taking their family to the very best vacation spots or looking for the best place to honeymoon, travelers are always looking for the very best. The very best can include:

• Discounted airfare, hotels or rentals.
• Vacation and holiday packages with the highest quality and service.
• Dream getaways.
• Most exotic places.
• Places that provide for plenty of adventure and new discoveries.

If you love to travel and can design your own niche in this highly competitive blogosphere, where you can be the go-to authority, you can have a very successful travel blog. In addition, when you promote certain packages and destinations, you and your family might even get the opportunity to try out new places and take some fabulous trips at a significant discount.

Parenting Blogs

Let’s face it, if raising children were a picnic, then there would be a whole lot less stress in our modern world. Those who are raising children or who have successfully completed the task are often the best at providing advice for those who are new at the job or needing advice on how to improve their job performance. Parenting blogs tend to have a huge following and they tend to be faithful followers.

Blogging topics included in parenting focused blogs tend to follow age-ranged categories. They look at techniques for dealing with certain challenges in each age range, finding activities suited to them, varying nutritional needs, early education or remedial educational efforts, or specifically geared toward meeting the needs of special needs children. Finding a niche where you can establish yourself as an expert rather than trying to paint with too broad of a stroke is the best way to break into this sector of the blogosphere and begin to see some early success. So, if you know a little something about raising children, don’t hesitate to step up and deal out your much-needed advice to worried and frustrated parents who need your help.

Lifestyle Blogs

One of the most commonly read sections of local and national newspapers and commonly visited channels in your cable package have to deal with lifestyles. No doubt it is our curiosity of how the other half lives that drives this fascination with lifestyles. Regardless of the motivation, if you love exploring various lifestyles and cultures, you are probably a good fit for this type of blog. Topics included in lifestyle blogs revolve around:

• Local events.
• Cultural events.
• Arts and crafts.
• Archeology and artifacts.
• Local history.
• Human interest stories.

You can picture yourself as a museum curator whose medium for displaying their discoveries in a blog. This is a great blog for someone who enjoys a wide variety of interests and has a knack for bringing out the dramatic and unexpected.

Fashion Blogging

A subject matter that is also very popular among bloggers and readers alike is the fashion blog. Those who have an eye for fashion, fashion trends or even alternative fashion can find a home within this style of the blog.

These types of blogs tend to focus on major events, new releases, alternative fashions or creative fashion. The range of subjects within this particular area is broad as well. Those who consider starting a fashion blog will likely find their greatest success by focusing on a specific niche within the broader world and building up a name for themselves in this highly competitive area. However, if you are passionate and know your stuff, you can break in and draw a huge audience as you develop your blog.


Venturing off into the blogosphere to share your knowledge and understanding of various specific or general topics is a noble undertaking. Your commitment to increasing your knowledge and passing that knowledge along to others through a blog can be very rewarding in a wide variety of ways. We hope that our guide of the most popular blog types has helped you zero in on the type of blog that best fits you. If it has, then hesitates no longer, get started writing your blog today.

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