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I wanna Grow my Brand on Social Media

This can be really confusing for a lot of you especially if you’re trying to grow your personal or your business brand. Even I just figured out what I want to post for myself and my agency after trial and errors.

🥊 So what are the questions that you or your team should be asking yourselves?

1️⃣➡️ What Objectives do want to achieve for your account? – Is it to grow your brand awareness? To get more sales? To build higher engagement? To get more traffic? To just share and let out your thoughts? So once you know your objectives, then it’s step 2.

2️⃣➡️ Figure out what Content you need to post to achieve your Objectives – Content to increase sales revenue will be different from content to build engagement. Content for an igshop will be different from content for a personal brand. You need to think and understand what will resonate best with the target audience base on your objectives.

💎 Now that you know the basic thought process, below are 3 examples:

💃🏻 Acc Type: Celeb Fan Page
Objective: Grow celeb brand awareness and attract fans to the account
Target Audience: Fans
Content: Photos/Videos of celeb’s daily activities, interviews, live shows, behind the scenes, fans, upcoming events, quotes, celeb’s life story

🏠 Acc Type: Agent (Property)
Objective: Grow personal brand awareness and increase sales
Target Audience: High Net Worth Individuals, Property Owners
Content: Photos/Videos of daily activities, sales closure, insights into the property market, about a neighbourhood, sharing knowledge about homes/rental/investments, personal life stories

🍔 Acc Type: Restaurant
Objective: Grow restaurant brand awareness and increase sales
Target Audience: Foodies
Content: Photos/Videos of food, restaurant, location, beliefs of the restaurant/owner, discounts, how food/drink is made, reviews

❌ THIS IS NOT EVERYTHING. It’s just to help you get started. There are many details that you need to think about. So if you’re serious about growing your brand, plan and strategise properly!

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